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  EVERLAST TIG 160STH (115/220v) dc only

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IN STOCK! Features & Benefits
Stable, smooth DC arc
Low Power Consumption
Professional capability with 35% duty cycle
Portable with over the shoulder carrying strap
Easy Hot Start for reduced electrode sticking
Auto-Regulated Arc force control
Standard HF and Lift Start TIG feature
Digital Display for precise current setting
DINSE style connectors for easy connection
Impact resistant Carry case with TIG kit included as part of the standard package
Foot pedal capability offers simple control over the full amp range, from 10-160
Dual Voltage 120/240
Adjustable Post Flow control for TIG

Price : US $489.00

Know more by using Power Arc welders manual
Recommended Areas Of Use
Portable Welding Repair
Home garage
Maintenance shop
Off Road
Motor Sports

Standard Equipment
300 Amp electrode holder with cable
300 amp work clamp with 10 ft cable
Built in Gas solenoid
17 series TIG torch package with built in remote trigger control
Argon Regulator
Impact resistant carry case

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