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  Buzz Box Tig Conversion Kit

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Weld metals you never thought possible at a price that's easy on the budget!!!!
With your AC/DC 125/225 "Buzz Box", and the tig conversion kit, you can TIG weld Stainless Steel,Chrome Moly, and many other metals *including aluminum. High frequency is not provided with this system. Therefore you will weld all steels,stainless, 4130 with the DC- polarity and utilize a pointed tungsten. * Aluminum welding is DC+ and you must maintain a close distance arc. Plug it directly into your standard household outlet (110 volts, 15amps).

Kit includes:
*CK9 Rigid Torch w/Valve and 12.5' one piece cable with male dinse connector.
*Flowmeter Regulator
*Adapter Plug with 1' extension cord
*Female Dinse to allow you to go back and forth to stick welding.
*AK-4 Accessories Kit
*MR. Tig's Basics of Tig Welding DVD.
*AMP Conversion Decal
*Instruction Manual

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